Bobby Akart Bio

Born and raised in Tennessee, Bobby Akart received his Bachelor's degree with a dual major in Economics and Political Science. He not only understands how the economy works, but the profound effect politics has on the economy as well. After completing his undergraduate degree at Tennessee in three years, he entered the dual degree program obtaining a law degree combined with a master's in business administration at the age of twenty-three.

His education perfectly suited him for his legal career in banking, trusts and investment banking. As his legal career flourished, business opportunities arose including the operation of restaurants and the development of commercial real estate. But after meeting and marrying the love of his life, he left the corporate world and developed online businesses.

A life changing event surrounding his beloved mother dying of a sarcoma led him to the Cumberland Plateau where he and his wife lead a self-sustainable, preparedness lifestyle. Bobby and Danni are unabashed preppers and share their expert knowledge of prepping via their website

Bobby Akart lives in the back woods of the Cumberland Plateau with the love of his life, his wife and fellow author Danni Elle, their two English Bulldogs a/k/a The Princesses of the Palace, a variety of farm animals, eight Pekin Ducks and a herd of a dozen bunnies, and counting.


Twitter: @FreedomPreppers
Twitter: @BobbyAkart

Facebook: bobby.akart
Facebook: Freedom Preppers

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